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Competition Kettlebell 4-40kg Professional Sports Kettlebells

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Product Name: Competition Kettlebell 4-40kg Professional Sports Kettlebells, All-Steel Paint Competition Kettlebell, Athletic Men and Women Lifting Kettlebell Dumbbells, Strength Training Yoga Sports Fitness Equipment

Weight: 4-40kg

Color: Customized color

Easy to identify with different Color coded for each size.

Logo: Customized logo, such as silk screen or molded logo.

Material: Steel

Specification: sleeker profile and more comfortable grip. The handle has a smoother surface to allow working out without irritation to your hands.

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Several muscle groups are used simultaneously in kettlebell exercises. Kettlebell training is ideal for improving functional strength and endurance through a variety of compound movements that target major muscle groups and activate twitch muscle fibres. 

For those looking to add a versatile, professional quality kettlebell to their home gym, the Competition Kettlebell Weights are ideal.They last longer than their plastic counterparts and are made from heavy-duty cast steel.

Pro-grade or sports dumbbells are all the same size, regardless of weight. This provides the user with a consistent training experience as the kettlebells are always in the same position in the hand or on the floor, regardless of the weight of the kettlebell being used. Their wide and flat bases are also consistent across all weights, making competition kettlebells more stable and safer for floor exercises than traditional kettlebells where the base size varies with weight.

competition kettlebell (1)
competition kettlebell (3)
competition kettlebell (2)

Product Advantages

Competition kettlebells also have uniformly sized handles and a smaller diameter than traditional kettlebells. Especially for high repetition exercises, the smaller handle size helps to reduce grip fatigue, However, especially for users with wide hands, it can make exercises that require both hands more difficult. The handle is in steel, which is more porous than cast iron and therefore absorbs more chalk for a softer grip.

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